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Take Reading Home is a cornerstone of the Reading Partners program. These books go directly to students in the community, enabling them to enjoy their own reading library at home.

We can provide some pointers and give you more information about how to make your donation. Most groups conduct efforts for weeks. It is also helpful to set a goal for the number of books to be collected, as this inspires many donors and helps you gauge success. Successful efforts usually include multiple messages through email, website postings, fliers, etc. Messaging should include information about Reading Partners, the need for new and gently used books, guidelines for donations, and details about when and where to drop off donations.

Helpful documents, including fliers and a list of suggested books, are available from our staff. Be sure to share on social media sites! Flyer template. Bins should be placed where they are most visible and should be strong enough to hold large numbers of books.

In some regions, Reading Partners can loan these to your company. Remember to put a Reading Partners logo and instructions on the bins.

Lead a Book Drive. STEP 3: Promote the book drive to your network Successful efforts usually include multiple messages through email, website postings, fliers, etc.

Organize a Community Book Drive in Your Neighborhood

Engaging communities. Empowering students. Become a Reading Partner.You do not have to own tons and tons of books or even be a grownup to organize your own book drive. It does not matter if you are 4, 14, or 74 years old, you can help get books to eager and needy readers.

Would I use fewer words? Would I know less about important historical events and scientific discoveries? Would I think differently and have a different perspective?

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Would I be less imaginative? To begin, set a goal for the number of books you want to collect. Dream big! You will probably realize that the number of books you want to collect is bigger than the number of books you own, so you will need some support. Reach out to as many people as possible.

Tell everyone what you are doing, and ask for their help. If you collect books by yourself, you may collect enough books to supply a classroom full of children with exciting new reading material. With the help of your friends, who knows? You may collect enough books to fuel the imaginations of an entire school in need of books.

Next, consider how you will market your book drive.

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In order to reach your fantastically high goal, you will want to make it as easy as possible for people to bring you their books. Where will people bring their books and when? Note: Establishing start and finish dates for your book drive is key! Will you set out bags or boxes to collect books in?

How will you manage the collections so they do not overflow? Make sure to tell people what types of books you are looking for!

A Book Drive

Are you collecting only books that are new or in good shape? Once you have finished collecting books, you only have a couple more steps. Regardless of whether you meet the goal you set for motivation, it is a great feeling to know how many valuable resources you will be providing to improve literacy!

Finally, take a breath. Give yourself a high-five, a wink or a pat on the back. Use your imagination to see your books placed in the hands of others who really need them. Realize how simple it is to make a difference. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.A community book drive can spread the joy of reading by providing nonprofit organizations with quality literature, textbooks, and even magazines. Even theater programs, ski resorts, and day-care facilities need books. With a better sense of the organizations that can benefit from a book drive, you can focus on the practical steps that are necessary to inspire a love of literature in your neighborhood.

The first step in organizing a book drive is to collect a variety of books. People typically need a few weeks to gather their books for donation, and you should be sure to make it clear where and when books should be dropped off, particularly if there are a variety of options. For example, tell folks they can drop off books at your home Mondays through Fridays between the hours of pm and pm, or at the community center on Thursday evenings.

In order to spread the word about your book donation drive and its ultimate goalsencourage members of your community to share all relevant information on social media and at local gathering points like churches, schools, or grocery stores.

Lead a Book Drive

A block party is a great way to kick off and get participants excited about the book drive, while also providing an in-person opportunity to share more detailed information about the project. Once the event is over, remember to let everyone know how many books were donated so your community can celebrate its accomplishments. Funds from a book sale can also be donated to help libraries rebuild their structures or replenish their supply of quality reading material after a disaster like a fire or flood.

One of the greatest benefits of a neighborhood book drive is that it encourages reading throughout the community, which can as serve as a catalyst for thoughtful conversations.

Even if you can only collect a dozen or so books, you can still put that book bank to good use. Or maybe you can start your own and organize your own neighbor book swap with your new collection. Give your used books new life, and help a friend discover their next favorite novel. Knowledge is power, and reading is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to increase your education on any given subject.

Help your community rediscover the joy of reading by organizing a book drive with your friends and family. Canada English. United States. The BLOG. The Backstor y.There are dozens of fantastic reasons to host a book drive! Regardless of the philanthropic or social cause you support, books are proven to sustain growth and development in all aspects of life.

Care about the environment? Book drives are the ultimate way to recycle books! Equal access to education makes your heart sing? According to the Associated Pressthe largest contributing factor to college readiness is how well students can comprehend complex texts source. Advanced and complex reading comes from exposure to on or above grade-level books from a young age.

If you're looking to donate your time-- a book drive is the way to go. Our Giving Library has been a leading book distributor and depot for North Central Philadelphia, as well as for homes, classrooms and community centers across Philadelphia, for close to 15 years. With our efforts focused on our Books in Every Home Campaignwe are committed to making sure that the books you bring in from your book drive find their way home to a family or child who will read them.

Between our volunteer-operated Giving Library, as well as the variety of book distribution programs that we host, our aim is to promote self-selection of books and pleasure reading in order to create life-long readers. Never fear that your hard work will end up on a lonely shelf! We take pride in our ability to provide access books to our Philadelphia community. This is the part of the book drive where you would recruit a committee to make flyers and other marketing materials for your Book Drive.

However, we have done all of that for you! To get started on your Tree House Books book drive, contact Emma at emma treehousebooks. The next step in hosting a book drive is to set a start and end date. We usually recommend at least a week period so that your co-workers, friends, family, community, etc. This is also a great time to decide on a good drop-off location. Our book drive participants tell us that a visible spot in a lobby or communal space is usually the best-- it's great to have the drop-off location as a reminder to bring in those books.

Finally, setting a goal for how many books you would like to collect is crucial! Our team is happy to help you set an achievable goal, but we will tell you now most of our book drive participants easily surpass their original collection goals.

Now is the time to share it with your business, organization, community, friends, family, neighbors, cats, dogs, and mailman! You are hosting a book drive! If you are using our Books in Every Home Campaign Kit, we provide you with sample e-mail blasts and convenient flyers for you to distribute. We also suggest using a variety of social media platforms to promote your book drive-- tweet a tweet, write a blog, share a photo, any way to get the word out! Make sure you take a ton of photos to get featured on our website or social media accounts.

Half-way through your book drive, give your team an update as to how many books you have collected and how many books you have left to go to reach your goal.Organize a book drive in your company, organization, or community group any time of year. We provide tips, support, and advice. Books we are unable to re-home: musty or damaged books, magazines, coloring books, encyclopedias, textbooks, ex- library books, ex-school library books, classroom sets, books for adults.

Need boxes? Proper boxes protect books and backs! Click here to order inexpensive banker boxes with lids which can be delivered directly to you. Offer the option of contributing financially during your book drive. Financial donations help us purchase new culturally relevant and home-language books.

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Book drive donors can donate cash online or participate online on our virtual book drive page. Consider a supply drive as part of your book drive. New book cleaning supplies from our wish list are much needed! Groups of 7 or more are welcome to schedule a group volunteer session. Groups must have a minimum of 7 confirmed participants, or the session may be cancelled. More details and an online scheduling system is coming soon! The following PDF files are for your use.

Blank spaces allow you to write in or insert a text box with your specific book drive details. For questions or support, please contact us at info childrensbookbank. Donation Box Sign. Photo for Promotional Materials. Our Work. Our Programs. Supporting Early Literacy. A Story Like Mine. Theory of Change.MND NewsWireGig Workers Less Enthusiastic About Homeownership "Gig," a term that used to refer mostly to a musician's booking, is now being used to describe a whole sector of the U.

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book drive

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book drive

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book drive

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Holding a Book Drive

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